Shipping Your Classic or Exotic Car

A Guide to the Care Taken When Shipping Your High-End Auto or Exotic Car.

Anytime you need to ship something as large, heavy, and valuable as a car, you are bound to have many questions. And if you are sending your prized exotic car or your restored classic car elsewhere, you may have even more reason to feel concerned.

The expert team at Tiger Auto Transport has the information you seek. Place your concerns in the capable hands of the best team to transport your high-end auto.

Read this guide to the care taken when shipping your high-end auto. In the guide, you will discover how to choose the best company, details of high-end shipping, and the types of specialty cars transported. Then, when you have soaked in all you can, call the professionals at Tiger Auto Transport.

Choosing the Best Shipping Company

The best auto transport company can mean different things to different people. If you are shipping a beloved classic, a valuable exotic car, a one-of-a-kind race car, or a luxury vehicle, you can’t just go the regular route. You need a company that will transport your vehicle with extra care.

There are a few places you can check to see how the companies you are considering rank. The Better Business BureauGoogle Reviews, and Trustpilot are a few. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration(FMCSA) will help you search for business licenses, insurance records, and complaint history.

Once you have approved the companies you are considering, you should research each company’s care standards.

Exotic Car Shipping

High-End Auto Shipping Details

The shipping of high-end cars is a specialty some auto transport companies offer, and others don’t. If the transport company is not equipped and knowledgeable in exotic car shipping, it is best to move on to an experienced transport.

Here are a few of the details you should consider when determining an auto transport company’s level of expertise.

Enclosed Auto Transport

No matter the car owner’s description for the auto… unique, restored, classic, race car, show car, or exotic car, the care taken to transport should be of the highest quality. Enclosed transport is a must for all these vehicles.

Enclosed transport allows for that extra level of care when your car is being shipped. Typically, your vehicle will be placed in a hauler with room to stack 6 cars or a two-car-non-stacking carrier. There are also cars requiring individual transport, which can be arranged.

Although this method is a bit more expensive, it is well worth it for your most valuable asset.

Ramps vs. Hydraulic Lift

Loading safety is a big concern when securing a pricey vehicle on a carrier or hauler. Open transport usually utilizes ramps to get the car onto the truck. However, in taking extra care for your specialty car, hydraulic lifts will be used to effortlessly bring your vehicle up to the entrance of the hauler.

Hydraulic lift gates lower entirely to the ground allowing for an easy drive on and off.

Securing the Vehicle

Depending on the vehicle type and carrier, auto transport companies use two different methods to secure your vehicle. 

If you have an exotic car or a classic, for instance, you will want to be sure the driver secures your vehicle with soft strap tie downs, rather than the typical chains.

Handling your valuable car with kid gloves is imperative to a successful transport.

Exotic Car Shipping

Preventing Damages to Your Classic or Exotic Car

Your auto transport driver’s number one job is to get your vehicle from one place to another. The second job is to do so without any damage. There are 4 considerations when securing a successful exotic car transport.

  1. Weather exposure is eliminated when using an enclosed carrier. No dust, dirt, and road debris will be able to get to that shiny paint job.
  2. Loading safety is best observed when using hydraulic lifts to raise and lower your high-end auto.
  3. Car shifting is avoided with tie-downs made of soft nylon straps to ensure the vehicle stays put and gets no scratches during the ride.
  4. Safe and Secure is where you want your car to be when transporting. Locked safely inside the hauler, your vehicle will be safe from the elements as well as theft.

Shipping Times

Shipping time expectations are taken very seriously with most auto transport companies. But, when considering transporting an extraordinary car, you will need to figure in a bit more time. Drivers are cautious about operating the hauler as you would if you were driving it yourself. This shipping process takes 7 to 10 days, depending on the distance it is traveling.

Price to Ship an Exotic Car

Unique autos, classics and exotic cars, race cars, and show cars alike all cost money and time to ship. Due to the extended amount of time and exceptional care the drivers take, shipping will be higher than to send a daily driver.

 When budgeting or getting quotes, expect the cost to be around 30% to 60% higher than a regular transport.

Exotic Car Shipping

Specialized High End and Exotic Car Transport

No matter the type of unique or specialized vehicle you own, transporting it to another state or location can be very stressful. At Tiger Auto Transport, we try to minimize that insecurity. Providing information to you, the owner is one way we put your mind at ease.

Out Touch Point Team will notify you of the progress of the move each step of the way. So, which one do you have? Here are a few we have experience with.

Show Cars

If you have prepared your car for the auto show, you have taken the time and great care to get it looking, running, and sounding perfect. Our goal is to make sure your show car arrives in the exact same condition as when you left it in our capable hands.

We know… no fingerprints, strap rubbings, or debris on the floors. We’ve got you covered.

Classic Cars

Restored classic cars are a treasure. Sometimes they mean even more to the owners because they have lovingly brought the vehicle back to its original beauty. We understand.

Your classic car will be handled just like you do. The best tie-downs and care will be taken to ensure your prize is received into your loving hands with absolutely no changes.

Race Cars

Tiger Auto Transport offers racetrack delivery for your custom race car. Low clearance is not an issue with the hydraulic lift system a. The nylon straps will keep it from moving and messing up the suspension.

Professional drivers will load and remove the race car from the trailer, so you feel safe with who is behind the wheel.

Exotic Cars

If you are looking for specialized care for the vehicle of your dreams, Tiger Auto Transport is the transport company for you. Single car transport can be arranged with an experienced driver for extra precaution. Special requests to consider when booking exotic car transport include expedited shipping and white-glove treatment.

Place Your Exotic Car in Expert Hands

How you transport your very personal and exceptional vehicle is up to you. With a bit of research, we are sure you will conclude that Tiger Auto Transport is the best auto shipping company for specialty cars.

With over 15 years of experience and exceptional reviews on service, you won’t find better care for your prized possession.

So, choose Tiger Auto Transport today. Simply click here for our free no-obligation instant quote calculator. Or fill out the contact form for personalized care from our Touch Point Team.