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When you need to ship a car to or from Alabama, you need an experienced Alabama car shipping company you can rely on. For over 15 years, Tiger Auto Transport has been providing safe and reliable Alabama car shipping for both individual and business clients.

Through our advanced network of over 14,000 carriers, we provide direct service to/from any residential or business location in Alabama.


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I had never used a car shipping service before and was nervous from the start. However, the folks at Tiger Auto Transport were so nice, and so very patient with all of my questions that I would not hesitate to use them again! Ian, Tiffany and Amanda were all so kind – walking me through the process and keeping me informed. The driver who actually handled the vehicle was also very professional and very nice (my sister on her end said the same!). Thanks again for the great job!

Mary C.

It is the first time I transport my car and it went cross country. The agent I spoke with gave me straight information and everything passed the way he said. The dispatcher and driver are from Uzbekistan, which I thought was very cool. Absolutely no communication problems. They picked up and delivered my car on time and it was in perfect condition. I would definitely use them again.

Daphne S.

We recommend you to all of our customers. Excellent service. A pleasure to do business with.

Matt B.

My husband’s job relocated and we needed to move our cars fast. Tiger Auto Transport (I believe I talked to Christine) was helpful and was always available whenever we needed them. Our cars were delivered right on time. We will definitely use you guys again when it’s time for our daughter to go to college 🙂

Rebecca M.

Tiger Auto did a great job moving my BMW from Dallas to Jacksonville. They stood by their quote and were very professional. A+

Christine W.

This was my first time transporting my car so I was a little nervous, but they were super friendly and gave me all the information I needed.

Chase S.

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