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Congratulations! You just scored the deal of a lifetime on the vintage car you have always dreamed of; the fully original ‘67 Camaro SS or a sweet ‘55 Corvette in Gypsy Red.

Or wait… maybe you finally can afford to get that exotic car… a head-turning brand-new Maserati or McLaren… or no…a Bugatti!

Or just maybe, you have worked for the past 5 years on that beloved classic car, and it is now ready for the big show! How will you transport it from your garage to the winner’s stand?

Whatever your particular Dream Car, Enclosed Transport is the only way to go (pun intended) when transporting from one state to another.

Your car is an investment, no matter the price tag. However, if you are the proud owner of a sports car, luxury car, classic or antique vehicle, you will want it handled by the car carrier with the utmost care with enclosed car transport.

Cars with custom paint jobs and/or those with sentimental value need to be treated the same way.

Occasionally, auto transport companies come across a low ground clearance vehicle or a lifted truck. Those would also be best transported by enclosed carrier.

If you are asking why you have come to the right place and Tiger Auto Transport can tell you how!

What is Enclosed Auto Transport?

Enclosed transport provides the vehicle extra protection and care while assuring the owner’s peace of mind the car will be transported without any worries. Whether choosing a hauler with room to stack 6 cars or a two-car non-stacking carrier, you can rest assured your vehicle will come back to you in the exact same condition you left it in.

The four walls of the hauler protect the vehicle from damage during the trip. Plus, the soft strap tie downs are gentle on your precious cargo.

While enclosed transport may cost 30% – 60% more than open carrier, it is well worth the cost for your most prized possession.

What is the Difference Between Open and Enclosed Auto Transport

There are several differences to be considered when choosing Open or Enclosed auto shipping. They are both safe and reliable. However, as previously stated, there are certain times when only enclosed will do.

Here are the main differences:

Exposure to Weather – When you choose Open Transport, the trailer used is open to the elements as well as road debris. Along with several other vehicles, your car will be exposed to the weather, dirt, dust, and debris. With Enclosed or Covered Car shipping service, your vehicle will maintain the state in which you deliver it to the driver. That shiny wax job will be there when you see it again.

Loading Safety – Another factor to consider is how they get the car into the hauler. Open transport uses ramps to drive the car up onto the trailer. This method is usually safe for daily drivers. One step better is the hydraulic lift-gates of an enclosed trailer. The lift lowers completely flat to the ground, allowing lowered car and more expensive cars to simply drive on and be lifted on.

Cost to Ship – Because of the added time taken to care for your vehicle and the fewer cars per hauler trip, the price is higher for enclosed transport. But open-air transport is safe, the most used, and the more affordable option for the everyday shipment.

The Benefits of Using Covered Car Transport

So, you see, there are several factors to be considered when deciding between Open and Enclosed transport.

To recap, here are the benefits of using covered car transport:

  • Protection from the weather and traffic debris
  • Hard 4 wall protection adds to the overall protection of the vehicle.
  • Soft strap tie downs lessen the chance of tie-down damage and pull on the car.
  • Hydraulic lift-gates allow for easy and safe drive-in loading.
  • Drivers know to take extra time and care of the cargo they are entrusted with.

So, is this your first time shipping a car with an auto transport company? Still have more questions or concerns? Click below for a member of our team to put your concerns to rest. Their friendliness and level of knowledge will ease the transition in one call.

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A Step by Step Guide to Tiger Auto Transport’s Enclosed Service

Step 1

When you choose Tiger Auto Transport, you will know and feel the difference! Tiger is the only transport company with the TOUCH POINT TEAM of professionals available 24 hours to stay in contact with you every step of the way.

Step 2

After you receive your quote from Tiger’s quote calculator and book your transport, your personal Touch Point Team member is assigned to assist you in any way along the trip.

Step 3

A driver will personally meet you with door-to-door service to pick up the vehicle and load it safely onto the lift-gate and in the truck. The driver will also help you inspect the car, fill out the report, and provide you with the assurance you need.

The utmost care is taken to strap down the vehicle for transport. The soft strap tie downs are secured, and car covers are placed where provided.

With Tiger Auto Transport, you will enjoy top-notch service, and your car will receive the VIP treatment. No need to worry about a thing.

Step 4

And they’re off! Your hauler will begin the journey, keeping in contact with your Touch Point Team member along the way. They will be sure to inform you of any delays encountered if any.

Step 5

Once the car transport is near arrival, the Touch Point team will notify you of the time to meet the driver. You or an appointed person 18 and older with a valid driver’s license will meet your vehicle at the desired location.

This is the time to conduct one more inspection and take arrival photos of the vehicle. Once complete, sign the Bill of Lading, and the keys will be handed back to you. Easy Peasy!


Your Enclosed Auto Transport Solution

In Conclusion, the decision is entirely up to you. An informed shopper is a smart shopper, so get your quotes together, choose your preferred auto carrier company and transport method, and you and your vehicle are on the way!

To make it easy, START HERE with Tiger Auto Transport’s Free, no-obligation, instant quote calculator. Or, give them a call to allow the Touch Point team to assist you in your decision-making process. These are important choices, so let the experts at Tiger make it easy for you!